Yi Ch’uan + Syin Tien Wuji Qigong

David Chin. circa 2005

3 Tips to Tune Your Intuitive Channels to Good News “Stations”

Another possible obstacle to opening our instinct is the concern of receiving unfavorable or frightening messages or images. I once satisfied a young lady who shut her instinct down because at times she was frightened by what she considered to be “ghouls”. Kids in some cases are scared due to the fact that they might see or listen to “dead people or ghosts” as well as mostly due to the fact that of TELEVISION and also some faiths, they think this must be something bad or terrifying.

3 Steps to Shifting Out of Grief

Three months after my beloved Instructor in doggie form, Suki, left her body, I discovered myself still feeling an enormous pains in my heart whenever I thought about her. I understood sufficient to realize that exactly how we really feel is an option, usually based on a belief. As a healer and specialized spiritual specialist for over two years, I questioned why it was still so agonizing for me.

Taking Flight: The Bliss of Freedom

As I communicate frequently with the spirit of those that have left their bodies, I long to show to those who are grieving as well as really feel forsaken the remarkable sensations, experiences and awareness I experience from those who fly from the body. It is not what many individuals may anticipate; shame, remorse, blame, what-ifs. It is rather the opposite normally, as I attach to the Soul degree awareness, which is full of tremendous expansion, deep understanding, excellent understanding and also light-heartedness, also bliss.

The Base Chakra Part 1

I became aware there’s a great deal to say regarding the base chakra, so this very first article will certainly provide a summary of it, and also the sort of conditions it is associated with. The next post will certainly then consider activities and techniques that can heal as well as stabilize the base chakra, and also how power recovery, the Emotional Flexibility Strategy (EFT) and also reiki can help that process.

How Illness Can Change Us

I desire to compose about the concept that we are different after an ailment. It is almost specifically 9 years considering that I initially came to be unwell with chronic tiredness disorder/ ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) as well as, as an outcome of years of persistent ailment, the external conditions of my life have actually changed past recognition.


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