REATHLETE CYCLO: Under-Desk Bike/Pedal Exerciser | Desk Bike for Leg and Arm Exercises | Pedal Exerciser for Cardio Training, Fitness, & Rehabilitation | All-Digital, Light & Quiet Under-Desk Bike

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A SIMPLE DEVICE FOR LOTS OF TYPES OF EXERCISING! Getting a desk bike / pedal exerciser or an under-desk elliptical trainer is a great way to arrange regular workouts that will work as cardiovascular exercise / aerobics. Cycling is also known to help people lose weight and relieve stress. The best thing is that you can use this mini exercise bike / pedal exerciser while sitting at a desk or on a couch, so you can work on your laptop or read while simultaneously engaging in physical activity.
STAYING HEALTHY MADE EASIER. There are many health benefits of regularly using stationary bikes. For seniors and younger people alike, cycling on a foot pedal exerciser helps make muscles and joints stronger and improves blood circulation. CYCLO is also a pedal exerciser for seniors who look for desk exercise equipment as a physical activity booster or an instrument of post-illness rehabilitation. Using a leg exerciser while sitting helps one stay healthy without overstraining the body.
DOUBLES UP AS ARM EXERCISE EQUIPMENT! It’s also a desktop arm bike that you can pedal with your hands, so with CYCLO, you get to work your upper body as well as do cycling. Having your under-desk exercise equipment substitute for arm machines solves the problem of exercising your chest, shoulders, and back at home or in the office without having to purchase any additional equipment. Arm biking can also be done by athletes to warm up before more intense workouts.
PORTABLE, LIGHT, AND QUIET! Cycle bikes for exercise sessions can be bulky and noisy, but this desk pedal exerciser is designed to be lightweight and almost soundless so that you can easily transport it and use it in the office without distracting your coworkers. Also, non-slip pedals with adjustable straps will keep your feet or hands comfortably fixed, and non-slip rubber feet will ensure that the under-desk pedal exerciser stays where you put it throughout your cycling sessions.
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