Qigong to Prevent Face and Neck Wrinkles

Spending too much on beauty products and cosmetic surgery for your face and neck? Try Qigong to prevent wrinkles on your face and neck — a natural holistic cosmetic face and neck lift!

This is one of my health and wellness tips videos for healthy and holistic living!

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Why Healing Is Vital, Part 8

We currently get in right into the world of spiritual belief. I will consist of Buddhism; although I do not believe it is a faith however more of an ideology; nonetheless the ideology of Love and Recovery in Buddhism is really similar to that of the world’s significant faiths. Buddhism teaches love as one of the 4 immeasurables in addition to empathy, delight as well as equanimity.

100th Monkey, Part 2

If you take the time to browse nature as well as deep space it ends up being clear that the collective consciousness of all species has a survival method in location. This method is what causes individuals and/or teams to resist the cumulative consciousness or paradigm. The method permits freethinking and also choice past the ideological background of the cumulative whole.

Balancing The Chakras: A Guide To Healing Meditation

Have you ever before stopped to understand that you are what you think of? What I imply by that is that, when we assume excellent, favorable as well as healthy ideas, the condition of our mind and bodies comply with. When we load our thoughts with negativity and messages that tell us we can’t do something or are unworthy, our body and minds follow, too. It is in this means that we influence the balance of our Chakras, either via straight thought or by the individuals and also messages we pick to subject ourselves to.

Why Healing Is Vital, Part 7

We have actually spoken about power recovery like Reiki, meditation, yoga, etc. There are various other recovery modalities that do not use energy, at the very least likewise as Reiki. There is faith healing.

Why Healing Is Vital, Part 6

Eastern recovery methods are stemmed from ancient healing techniques-yoga, Prana, Reiki, and so on. The strategies practiced today are reasonably comparable, otherwise the same, as the methods practiced hundreds of years ago. You can transform the name or produce variants with a different name yet an apple will certainly always be an apple no matter whether it is in a pie in Australia, a muffin in Brazil, a strudel in Canada, a cobbler in Europe or a lunch box in Asia.


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