Qigong for Heart Health Part 1

first 3 moves
1. Regulating the breath.helps the maintenance and balance of blood pressure
2. Opening the Heart Space: Releases contraction in the Upper Burner – the area above the diaphragm containing the Heart, Pericardium and Lungs. Its main function is the dispersal of fluids all over the body benefits hypertension.
3. Dancing while Painting Rainbows. Effective in blood pressure regulation.

Sending Reiki by Distance to Your “Younger Self”

Exactly how can I recover old issues in my life? Just how can Reiki be sent to the past? The length of time does it truly take to learn Reiki 2?

Connecting Your Chakras Using Reiki

Can I share Reiki from one chakra to one more? Just how do I attach the energies of my chakras?

An Introduction to Chinese Traditional Medicine

Typical Chinese Medication has actually developed the cure for lots of an illness, some of which consists of lethargy as well as indigestion. Acupuncture additionally plays a huge duty in it.

What You Should Know About Your Amazing Gut

Unless they are experiencing heartburn or indigestion, most individuals seldom think of their digestive tract, as well as few think that it plays a crucial function in their general health. Yet it does. It plays an essential duty in the food digestion of your food, it safeguards you from health problem, and also it is also vital in relationship to your psychological health.This post shows you how.

Stopping The Panic, To Heal

Today we are mosting likely to be discussing the distinction between doing your self-care without discomfort versus doing your self-care with pain. These are two totally different worlds, since your brain does something different when it’s not suffering as well as when it’s in discomfort: it’s called panic. So let’s instruct you not to panic.


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