Purple Canyon Daily Affirmation Cards for Stress Relief, Meditation, and Motivation | Perfect Mindfulness Gift | Deck of 52 Cards

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Product Description

Purple Canyon Daily Affirmation Cards, Positive Affirmation CardsPurple Canyon Daily Affirmation Cards, Positive Affirmation Cards

Daily Affirmation Cards, Mindfulness Gifts for Women, Mindfulness Quote Cards, Intention cardsDaily Affirmation Cards, Mindfulness Gifts for Women, Mindfulness Quote Cards, Intention cards

Daily Affirmation Cards, Affirmation Gifts, Intention Cards, Meditation cards Daily Affirmation Cards, Affirmation Gifts, Intention Cards, Meditation cards

Purple Canyon Positive Affirmation Cards

This set of 52 daily affirmation cards will empower you to live a life of positivity! Say it, be it, do it! Determine your intention for the day and see how quickly your circumstances can change. Each of these meditation cards comes with guidance and illustrations to help you achieve your goals and dreams in an uplifting way. Use these intention cards when you feel stuck when you feel like you can’t move when you feel like you’re out of control when you feel like you want to run away when you feel like you’ve lost your way. You’ll love these Meditation cards not only because they help you bring more positivity into your life but also because they’re gorgeous and round out your interior design aesthetic. Each card is carefully crafted with inspiring illustrations, beautiful card stock, and mindfulness quotes, making them perfect for your meditation practice, intention journaling, or self care gifts.

Daily Affirmation Cards, Motivational Quotes, Motivational Gifts, Mindfulness gifts for womenDaily Affirmation Cards, Motivational Quotes, Motivational Gifts, Mindfulness gifts for women

Daily Affirmation Cards, Positive Affirmation Cards, Affirmation Cards for WomenDaily Affirmation Cards, Positive Affirmation Cards, Affirmation Cards for Women

Affirmation Cards, Self Care Gifts, Stress Relief Gifts, Stress Relief cardsAffirmation Cards, Self Care Gifts, Stress Relief Gifts, Stress Relief cards

52 Unique Affirmations & Illustrations

Mindfulness cards and Daily Mantras help people worldwide cultivate a healthier and more positive outlook on life as well as provide a daily dose of positivity and encouragement for people to carry with them throughout the day. 52 beautifully illustrated motivational cards with thought-provoking affirmations used with weekly or daily practice can enrich your life. Variety is the spice of life, and with a variety of topics and visualizations, these intention cards can open the doors in life for opportunity and enrichment. Daily Affirmations from Mindfulness Cards can help you to stay positive and motivated throughout the day. This box of affirmation cards enables you to honor your mindset, spirit, and goals with daily inspiration.

Premium Quality & Storage Box Included

Why should you consider a quality daily affirmation card deck over a digital one? It’s simple: physical cards are a unique and genuine way to connect with your meditation routine. A premium quality deck of cards is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of meditation. These cards are hand-illustrated with positive intentions and master craftsmanship. We put a lot of care and attention to detail into our products to create an alluring product experience with 350gsm art paper and matte lamination measuring 2.75″ x 4.72″. Every luxurious pull apart starage box is made with 1200gsm cardboard and 157msg art paper.

Self-Care Gift for Men & Women

Give the gift of positivity. The luxurious storage case makes for a great mindfulness gift for friends, family, co-workers, the one you love… or even yourself! Our affirmation cards and daily messages are designed to help create positive habits and mental clarity. This is an assortment of 52 positive affirmation cards that will make great stress relief gifts for men and women. Each card has an inspiring message to help you become more positive. Experience the joy of self-care with this delightful affirmation deck filled with positive prompts. Each card is thoughtfully crafted with positive messages that can help conquer life’s hardships. The artwork is with the mission of spreading love and joy to everyone. We believe when you feel good, you can accomplish anything!

Daily Affirmation Cards, Intention journaling, self esteem giftsDaily Affirmation Cards, Intention journaling, self esteem gifts

How to Use Affirmation Cards

Set your intention or affirm your goals each day with these inspirational cards by Purple Canyon. These cards are perfect for your meditation practice and designed to help you achieve goals, reduce stress, and live your purpose. Each card includes a short, uplifting message to spur you on during your morning intention setting.

Are you looking for great Self-Development for work? This set of daily affirmation cards from Purple Canyon is a great way to explore new ways to help yourself get through each day.

With a punch of whimsical nostalgia and a touch of modern simplicity, these uplifting intention-setting cards are a perfect companion for Daily Journaling for you and your loved ones to take a moment to appreciate life’s everyday pleasures and inspire you to make the most of every day!

Benefits of Affirmation Cards Stress Management Motivation Goal Setting Gain New Perspectives Improved Self-Esteem Intention Setting Mindfulness

😊 DAILY AFFIRMATION CARDS by Purple Canyon are designed to help you live a more positive life filled with confidence, motivation, and happiness. This affirmation deck consists of motivational quotes, daily affirmations, and mindfulness activities that are easy-to-use and perfect for meditation, grounding, and intention setting.
💕 52 UNIQUE DESIGNS – These beautifully illustrated Affirmation Cards are a simple yet powerful tool to help you start your day with self-affirmations. Each positive affirmation card offers a friendly reminder to keep you focused on your goals and to be kind to yourself. They have been used by many people to help ease stress, improve self-esteem, stress relief gifts, improving self-confidence, and to be happier and more productive.
✨ HIGH QUALITY & COMPACT – Want to make your workplace more peaceful and harmonious, or live your best life while traveling? Use this deck and carrying case as a travel-friendly tool to help you relax, unwind and maintain a calm, happy work environment. Each affirmation card deck is made with high-quality card stock, and artisanal crafting. Put these self-care Affirmation Cards in your purse or bag & take them anywhere!
🎁 PERFECT MINDFULNESS GIFT – Whether to brighten someone’s day or inspire a friend to reach their goals, these positive affirmation cards make a great stress relief gift for women and men. The cards provide a touch of inspiration and a reminder of all the wonderful things life has to offer.
✔️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Daily affirmations can help you set and maintain a positive and healthy perspective and attitude. Simply open and read one Purple Canyon Empowerment Affirmation Card each day for daily Inspiration, motivation, and gratitude. If you’re not satisfied with your mindfulness meditation cards, then our team will gladly work with you on a resolution., $14.99, $14.99



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