PRANZOELITE Non Stick Pans Skillet 10 inch, Cooking with Less Oil Health Care, Easy Clean Frying Pan for a better life, Oven Safe, Multistove Multipurpose, Cool Comfort Handle, PFOA PFOS Toxic Free

31fysO6a2kL. AC41qXDrcFYwL. AC51Jk26SmttL. AC5121hBikOYS. AC413r9jFuaAS. AC buynow3 Our frying pan made from Forged Aluminum offer a sturdy skillet for your needs of modern cooking. You can use gas, electric stove, induction, radiant cooker and other solid fuels cooker. The skillet needs oil? It’s recommended to put some fat, not oil, you can also use butter or margarine for frying. When cooking protein-rich foods, like eggs, do not fry on high-heat without fat. Can the skillet put inside an oven or microwave? No, the latest silicone handle improves your experience and don’t resist high temperatures. Also as it Aluminum, so it should not put inside a microwave. How to clean the skillets? Please use a soft sponge or fiber cloth, soap and water to clean the skillets. Do not use any metal to scratch nor abrasives as it will damage the coating. What is PFLUON? PFLUON is a PFOA-free and safe to use solid coating, that gives non-stick abilities and easy to clean the skillet nonstick. Can these pans stacked? Our skillets can stack, but a soft cloth between is recommend to protect against scratching. Can use metal utensils with the fry pan? Our large nonstick skilletis not metal utensils safe. We recommend using plastic, nylon, silicone, and wooden utensils. Cook steak egg or huevo, veggies. STAY HEALTHY!
Nonstick – Omelette pan with double layer coating from German technology since 1974. Using cooking pan is always a breakfast option. Use this masterchef cookware for your inspirations.
More HEALTHIER – Use less oil, less fat in the kitchen. Nonstick frying pan is healthy.
It’s CONVENIENT – Delivers convenient cleaning and food sliding. Can use in dishwasher, best nonstick cookware, with flat deep bottom. It’s a forever pans and oven safe. Bring it to camping.
Long lasting DAILY class – Skillet is 50% thicker body than others. Designed to fulfilled versatility cooking from frying to searing. Impress your mom with your family recipe.
Stainless STEEL handle – Ergonomic induction pan with double point joint provides HEAT RESISTANCE, stability, and safety. You will enjoy your cooking.
Pouring design DRIP FREE – Contemporary rounded edge to PREVENT OIL pouring out, ideal for air flip food with one hand or a softer move for omelet, omelette pan, steak cooking and daily recipes.
Protects you & others – PFOA & PFOS free, non potential human health concern levels. Complies with EU New Regulations. Dishwasher safe skillets. No need Gordon Ramsay cookware to have a perfect dish.



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