Magnetic Fidget Pen Toy Multifunctional Deformable Magnet Pen to Eliminate Pressure Fidget Toy Gift for Family and Friends to Relieve Stress and Anxiety or Pass Time

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Magnetic Fingertip Toy Pen
This is not only a pen that can write, it can also be used as a stylus for mobile phones or tablets, and it is also a creative toy that allows you to relax and reduce stress during work or study. Definitely a great gift for students, teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, designers and other mental workers.

The package contains:

2 X touch screen pen
5 X neutral refills
14 X Magnetic Ring
30 X steel balls
1 X Gift Box


The magnetic ring is fragile, please do not drop it on the ground.
Deformable magnetic pen toy——This magnetic pen can not only write, but also a toy that can be assembled and deformed at will. It can be rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, free combination, and diverse play methods.
Stress Relief Magnetic fidget Toys——This magnetic toy pen helps relieve stress and anxiety, it can change shape according to your image anytime and anywhere, such as swords, robots, monsters, etc., which can effectively relieve your long hours of work and study. Stress and anxiety, help people relax or pass boring time.
Creative toys——This magnetic pen can not only be used for ordinary writing, but also can be used as a touch screen pen for mobile phones and tablets. At the same time, it has a variety of shapes and gameplay waiting for you to explore. It is a multifunctional decompression and decompression tabletop toy.
Great gift——This magnetic pen set contains 14 magnetic rings, 30 steel balls, 2X touch screen pen tip, 5X neutral refill, beautiful gift box packaging, is for teachers, students, engineers, doctors, lawyers, design The perfect gift for teachers and other mental workers.
Precautions and services——The magnetic ring is fragile, please do not drop it on the ground. If you have any questions please contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.
List Price: $19.99


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