Low Carb Foods That You’re Probably Not Eating


Putting Off Exercise? Two Ways to Regain Motivation and Stop Procrastinating Workouts

You told yourself you’d hit to the gym after work. But work was more hectic than you thought. Now you’re drained. You drive home, clean up a bit, but then you make the mistake of sitting down. You can feel your energy fading – along with your motivation.You know you should get that workout in.

How Far Is A 5K Race

Running a 5k is becoming a very widely held goal for many beginner runners, it seems to be something that is easy to imagine doing and for a complete newbie not too daunting a prospect. It’s a distance which with a little constant training most people could build up to running without rest in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. Many charity events and road races now use this specific distance as it’s a good starting point for most folks and you don’t have to be an elite athlete…

6 Interesting Fitness Classes You Probably Haven’t Tried But Should

Head to a group fitness class to keep your workout routine interesting, challenging and fun. You’ll get the best of both worlds – an fun workout with the structure and guidance necessary from a qualified instructor. There are so many options out there now for group classes. Choose from aerial yoga and rebounding to underwater spinning, cardio circuits, pilates reformer classes and so much more.

Exercise to Failure for Muscle Growth – Fact or Fiction

When reading about muscle growth, such as with weight training, and other forms of resistance training, you may see that you need to exercise to failure to grow bigger muscles. But, is this really the case? Maybe yes and no.

How Excessive Exercise Might Negatively Affect Your Health

Doing exercises is a great thing and it would seem that exercising even more ought to provide more gains. However, too much workout does have various side-effects which you should be aware about.

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