Love Sweat Fitness Resistance Booty Bands | Loops Bands, Set of 3 + Carry Bag

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Product Description

Love Sweat FitnessLove Sweat Fitness

Activate Your GlutesActivate Your Glutes

Maximize Your Workout

Love Sweat Fitness Booty Bands are a simple product that can tremendously impact any workout! Adding this extra level of resistance to your movements allows you to accelerate results by burning more fat and increasing your strength. They also help to activate smaller ancillary muscles that may not be activated during bodyweight exercises, giving your glutes that firm look and feel. Our cute set of 3 bands is perfect for someone starting off on their fitness journey or for fitness enthusiasts ready to level up!

Only the BEST for TeamLSF

Booty BandsBooty Bands

Travel PouchTravel Pouch

Latex RubberLatex Rubber

3 Bands = 3 Resistance Levels

Use the different bands for targeting different muscle groups or increasing the resistance as you watch that booty grow!

Travel Pouch

Conveniently throw in your purse to use at the gym later or in your suitcase to stay on track with your workouts when you travel.

Made with High Quality Latex Rubber

We use high quality materials for great elasticity and durability. All of our products are fully approved and used daily by LSF founder Katie.

Target Your Glute and SO Much More!

Light BandLight Band

Medium BandMedium Band

Heavy BandHeavy Band

Light Band

New to booty bands? Start here and work your way up. Our lightest band is also great for triceps and abs.

Medium Band

Try our medium band for donkey kicks – one of the most popular Booty Band exercises – and to strengthen those shoulders. Yes! You can totally tone your arms with Booty Bands!

Heavy Band

Use our highest weight resistance for legs – or any time you’re looking for max intensity.

Team LSFTeam LSF

#TeamLSF is Here For You!

Founded by Katie Dunlop CPT, Love Sweat Fitness is about much more than healthy meals and killer workouts, it’s about building friendships with women that will show up and support you through the ups and downs. Katie started #TeamLSF to inspire, empower, and motivate women in all walks of life and change what a healthy lifestyle means. See for yourself what we’re about – search #TeamLSF on Instagram!

Pink, light pink, and teal colors made from high quality latex rubber – durable and built to last
3 resistance levels for a variety of exercises and all fitness levels – Light 0.6 mm 10-15 lbs; Medium 0.9mm 15-20 lbs; Heavy 1.2mm 21-33 lbs
Great for all types of workouts: At-home, Gym, Barre, Yoga, Stretching, Pilates! Take them wherever you need to go with the convenient carry pouch.
Quality guarantee – If you have any issues with your bands send them back to us for a full refund within 30 days!
List Price: $51.97


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