LONEA 3pcs New Transformable Spinning Top Toy-Children’s Creative Fingertip Spinner Toy-DIY Chain Decompression Gyro Robot Toy Birthday Gift (red Yellow Blue 3PCS)

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fidget gadgets for adults
Specification: material: plastic Color: redlue/yellow Size: about 10cm Package Included:Decompression gyro Features:1. Ergonomic design, suitable for the size of the hand, adults and children will like it. 2. Smooth and round, no hand injury, no burr, no deformation, no blockage. 3. Leisure and entertainment toys can help relieve stress. Notice: 1. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color may be slightly different from the picture color. 2. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-2 cm.
【Decompression toys】 Rotating toys can restrain bad habits such as nail biting . Many people have successfully suppressed bad habits with this fun and cool toy.
【High-quality material】 It is made of high-durability and high-quality plastic, and the bearing rotates at the highest speed to achieve longer rotation. It can relieve stress or just play and feel good when using it.
【Rotating toys】These metal tops have a high-speed bearing in the center to ensure the most stable rotation and consistency, and increase the centripetal force and rotation time.
【Easy to use】 To rotate the toy, just use one finger to hold both sides of the center, and then use the other hand to rotate. Through practice, the rotating toy can only be used with one hand. To use the toy on the table, just press the center to keep it stable and rotate at the same time. Once you let go, the toy will continue to spin.
【Transformable Appearance】 He is not only a decompression top, but also a cool robot or other things you can imagine. Our new rotating toy uses a highly durable plastic design, and the bearing rotates at the highest speed for longer rotation. Get the most fashionable new type of anti-anxiety fidget spinner, relieve stress or just play, and feel good when you use it.
List Price: $7.99
fidget gadgets for adults


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