Lock Down Qi Gong #11 – First Integrations

Lock Down Qi Gong #11 – First Integrations

Today marks the end of the first ten days, and this is our time to try and integrate what we practiced into the broader perspective of daily life.

One of the first things I teach in Qi Gong classes, but also in literally any other martial arts class, is the so called Lengthening of the Body. Remember the Helium Balloon floating on top of your head, we talked about it in Lesson #1 of this Qi Gong series.

This little cue is perhaps the most important cue which will help you straight away, to access a more efficient way to move and to slowly and gently work towards a better every-day-life posture.

And important note here is, that our Intent (our Yi), in this case the image of a balloon, is enough to change our alignment. There shouldn’t be any active pulling or stretching of the spine, but just the image or the intent alone.

Now, how to approach this first integration? Go very easy on it. Whenever you are walking and you think of it, gently create the image of the floating balloon. Right now, while typing these words, the balloon is floating on top of my head… and boy… you should see my alignment ;o)

Keep the image for a while and then let it go again. Next time the idea pops up, do it again. And don’t get frustrated when you catch yourself slumping over your cell phone… changing postural habits takes a long time and is the work of a lifetime. Just relax, smile about this old habit of yours and gently create the balloon image again. That’s it.

Please stick with this homework for the next ten days. We will build on this habit and add another one, in the next phase of this course.

One question: How do you like the course format so far? Are you following, and in what pace? I am very grateful for any kind of feedback, because I want to really give something that will help you to lead a healthier life and enjoy your practice.

Thanks a lot for following! Please leave a like on YouTube, follow my channel etc. This is another feedback that I rely on when planning future content.

Talk soon,

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Shoulder Hiking

So for this week’s tip, we will be reviewing the principle of shoulder walking. This may trigger many issues, such as not being able to turn your head well or otherwise having an appropriate range-of-motion in the shoulders. Such problems might additionally restrict the breathing pattern. Allow’s take a deeper check out this problem and see just how much we can obtain our shoulders ahead down. We will certainly be talking regarding this from a symptomatic perspective, not simply as a driver of pain. We wish to start taking a look at the body to discover out what is occurring as well as what is creating this rigidity. I will certainly be educating you how to bring your shoulders down so you can gain back some activity. This will not remove pain for the lasting, but it will give you alleviation and really provide your shoulders some range-of-motion so you can refine it into a long-term occasion. I currently talked regarding a few of these things formerly, however I obtained responses from people requesting I go right into more detail. The tip for today will serve that purpose.

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