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The band expander diversifies your workouts and creates an additional load on all muscle groups. With a resistance selection of of fitness bands, you can perform stretching exercises, increase explosive strength or complicate dips and pull-ups. The specified load weight indicates the initial tensile strength and the maximum when the tape is extended twice its length. Training has become possible anywhere, the tapes are convenient to take with you – because they are compact and lightweight.
PREMIUM QUALITY RESISTANCE BAND: Slovic Resistance bands are heavy-duty pull-up bands made from 100% Malaysian latex making them durable, odourless & skin-friendly. They don’t change their shape, stay strong and flexible throughout.
COMPLETE WORKOUT EQUIPMENT: These home gym exercise bands are ideal for both men & women. 42 inches long and designed to assist you with pull-ups, stretching & callisthenics, they offer better support to enhance your back strength & vertebral stability.
VERSATILE BANDS: They are suitable for a variety of exercises including pull up training, squats, stretching, push-ups, home workouts & bench press.
EXERCISE ON THE GO: The compact nature of the workout band enables you to use it at the home, office, or even while travelling. It comes with a sturdy and easy to set up door anchor that enables you to do many more exercises without worrying about gym equipment and weights.
EXERCISE GUIDE INCLUDED: The resistance band set includes a training guide that contains more than 30 exercises and workout variations targeting all major muscle groups.
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