JumpStart 180 Fitness Low Impact Workout Videos with a Workbook(4 Dvd’s)

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Over the next 8 weeks, I will guide you as you go through this follow along program that strengthens your arms, legs, and heart, along with improving your balance, and flexibility. By the time you’re done, you’ll be feeling great with more energy, endurance and strength to perform daily activities with more ease. Imagine having more energy throughout the day, better sleep at night, waking up with less pain, walking up and down the stairs without being short of breath and performing daily activities without struggling and without pain. A workbook is included to guide you on what routines to do on each day. Also, included is a 20 FAQ video that answers questions that came directly from people like yourself, such as 1. “What if I have pain?” 2. “How do I properly breathe with exercise?” and 3. “How do I know if I am doing exercises correctly? ” And many more! Seriously, there is no other program like this on the market! Designed by a doctor of physical therapy – this is, by far, the most complete and easy-to-use system for older adults ever released. Order today and you’ll be covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.
This 8-week exercise regimen ensures that you never get bored with these 7 different 30 minute exercise routines with easy follow along instructions are great for individuals or a group setting
These low impact routines are effective for beginners, people in chronic pain, those recovering from surgeries (hip and knee replacements, rotator cuff repairs, neck and back surgery, heart surgery and MORE), and even as a gift for your parents or grandparents
This product contains 4 DVDs and a workbook. Workbook includes a progress trackers, and calendar to tell you which routines to do on what days; Also included: advanced exercises for when you are ready, and a 20 FAQ video directly from aging adults just like yourself about health and exercise. Videos are voice over recorded.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
List Price: $19.99


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