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Funny Solar Hummingbird Wind Chimes Bells, Decorate Your Soul.

Among all the animals, hummingbirds are the most beautiful and colorful. Hummingbird is a masterpiece of nature: light, fast, agile, elegant, gorgeous feathers – this hummingbird has everything. It shines like emeralds, rubies and topaz.The interesting hummingbird wind chimes light decoration is the best gift for girlfriend, wife’s wedding anniversary, birthday gifts,mother’s birthday, or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,Thanksgiving Day,Valentine’s Day and Christmas gifts.This solar hummingbird wind chimes is an excellent home decoration. When night falls,Turn on the switch of the wind chime, and you can see the hummingbird hanging in the air at night, emitting a colorful light, as if flying in the sky, very beautiful. While emitting a wonderful light, it is also accompanied by the crisp and sweet bell sound, making you feel very comfortable at night.The Hummingbird wind chimes bell is also a great gift. The hummingbird symbolizes beauty, harmony, truth and power. It is usually used to express sweet love and happy marriage. On special days, let your loved ones receive exquisite gifts, hang the hummingbird wind chimes in the beautiful garden, and make good wishes in your heart!






On sunny day, this hummingbird wind chimes bells will charge by themselves and glow at night.Just hang the solar wind chimes in your fence, yard, window, door and balcony. On a quiet night,the lovely wind chimes will make you feel at ease and make your yard beautiful.


This hummingbird wind chimes bells is easy to charge. At night, It will glow in wonderful colors. The hummingbird symbolizes beauty, harmony, truth and power. hang this hummingbird at home, good luck and love will fly to you.


Hanging this hummingbird wind chimes bells at home is like coming to a fairy tale world. You can feel as if these hummingbirds is flying around you in the sky. You can even hang the wind chimes indoors to fill your room with romance, and you can enjoy this great color light. you are not alone anymore.


This hummingbird wind chimes bells is made of high-quality materials, which can effectively waterproof. Not only makes your life more convenient, it is also a home decoration suitable for any place




These are high quality solar-powered luminous wind chimes,They absorb the solar energy quickly. These are Equipped with sensitive light sensor as well as high quality and durable ABS material, LED lights will neither get faded or deformed. Solar-powered supply design is energy-saving and user-friendly. No wiring or external power supply is required. and the solar panels and batteries are full of energy,They will charge themselves automatically during the day and glow automatically at night. The LED lights can last for up to 100,000 hours.The life span of battery is more than 600 days and can last(8-10)hours when fully charged.It is the top gift, specially prepared for you with a gift card, suitable for your mother’s birthday gift, mother’s garden gift, female birthday gift, mother’s gift, child’s gift, girl’s gift, wedding gift. There are also high quality fun wind chimes gardening/family gift anniversary.Package Included:✔1*Hummingbird solar wind chimes✔1* “S” hook✔ 1* gentle greeting card


【SOLAR WIND CHIMES】The solar panel stores natural energy to illuminate the hummingbird without electricity. This outdoor Red Cover wind chime light is the waterproof and durable, great for hanging up at your garden or patio,This solar hummingbird wind chimes is very moving at night, not only can lighting in the night, but also can decor your home or courtyard.
【EXQUISITE DESIGN】Each hummingbird has a different color. It can switch from one color to another, making your place more colorful. Decorating such a wind chime at home can change your mood. It is waterproof and can last for a long time without fading. Hanging in the day and night with a different feeling.
【MEANING OF WIND CHIME】Wind chimes symbolize love, safety, good wishes, happiness, health and peace, and can bring good luck. The pleasant sound of wind chimes makes you happy and relaxed. When the night falls,this hummingbird wind chime hanging in your home, looks like have real birds flying in. Especially at night, when the colorful hummingbirds lights and hang in the night sky, looks great.
【FIT IN ANYWHERE】This wind chimes is easy to hang. If you want to add a touch of color to your life, hang this wind chime in your home, it will definitely become a beautiful landscape.This wind chimes fit in garden, yard, balcony, window, corridor, hallway, entertainment etc. it can be used to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, windows, gardens, terraces and any places needed to add beautiful melody to the environment. At the same time, it can commemorate special people or important memories.
【BEST CHOICE】These wind chimes are the best garden decorations for everyone, it will be a great gift for mom, friends, neighbors, colleagues and so on. Give as a Mother’s Day gift, Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift, sympathy gift, birthday gift, housewarming gift. etc., $23.99, $23.99 - $21.99



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