Jedi: Survivor Tentative Release Date Revealed?

The sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, Jedi: Survivor, was listed on Steam with a release date of March 15th, 2023 for a short while. The page has since been deleted / all relevant info was removed again, but users have taken screenshots of the US version of Steam where, at least for a while, a release date was listed with detailed info about pre-order bonuses and the content of the deluxe edition. Click through for the details!

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Steam screenshot for Jedi: Survivor (click to enlarge)

According to the now deleted / sanitized Steam page you will get the following cosmetic items in the deluxe edition:

  • Han Solo outfit
  • Han Solo’s iconic blaster
  • A “rugged” skin for BD-1
  • Luke Skywalker Medal Ceremony Outfit
  • Luke’s lightsaber
  • R2-D2 skin for BD-1

jedisurvivor pre01 1

And you also get a pre-purchase bonus, no matter which edition you pre-order:

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi “Hermit” outfit from the series
  • Obi-Wan’s lightsaber
  • Obi-Wan’s blaster from the series

jedisurvivor pre02 1

Steam also listed a very broad plot summary of the game, no details of course:

jedisurivor summary 610x874 2

The one really new thing here is the addition of blasters for Cal Kestis, in Fallen Order Cal only fought with his lightsaber, it appears as if Cal’s arsenal will now also include blasters, meaning the combat mechanics have been tweaked for the sequel. And we also know now that Cal will get a few new Force powers.

Fallen Order was met with a mostly positive reaction when it was released, since it was considered a somewhat return to form as a story-focused single player game with no microtransactions and no online components. This was considered a reaction to the loot box debate surrounding Star Wars Battlefield 2, where players either had to play dozens of hours to unlock popular characters such as Darth Vader (EA infamously justified this by sying they wanted to give players a sense of accomplishment, which completely blew up in their face) or had to shell out serious money to get certain skins / characters early. And the game contained gambling mechanics (infamously dubbed “surprise mechanics” by EA) that even resulted in legal debates in several countries.

In the past EA famously said that single player games are going out of fashion (read: they thought can make a lot more money with multiplayer focused games with tons of microtransactions), a statement that was of course proven wrong and EA have since somewhat course corrected. Also following a few high profile multiplayer online only disasters such as Anthem. Subsequently EA lost the exclusive Star Wars license, with other studios now also developing Star Wars games. Let’s see how Jedi: Survivor has turned out.

Will you pre-order the game once it becomes officially available? Or will you wait and see what (user) reviews have to say about the game? Pre-ordering games has not always turned out to be a good idea in the past with half-baked, buggy releases, although Fallen Order had no such issues. 

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