GUMRIX Pedal Exerciser – Portable Mini Exercise Peddler Bike for Legs/Arms Workout, Foot Pedal Exerciser with LCD Display

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▼ Product Description:

1. Multi-function display to accurately record the amount of heat you consume, the number of pedals, time and calories.

2. Non-slip balance pad, non-slip wear-resistant, enhances stability during exercise, and can adjust the level.

3. The resistance adjustment button adjusts the resistance during operation to achieve the desired effect.

4. Widening the massage pedal, using high-quality materials, beautiful appearance.

5. Twist the waist to the left and right, burn the waist fat, and achieve the effect of thin waist.

Color: black

Weight: 10kg

Size: 53*40.5*38cm

Function: Fitness, plastic body, thin arms, slim waist, hips, stovepipe

Usage population: office white-collar workers, post-operative recovery, poor physical fitness, obesity, etc.

Applicable occasions: office, leisure area, living room, bedroom, outdoor, etc.
【Mute and no noise】: When used, the sound is very small and will not disturb others.
【Fast weight loss】: 20 minutes a day, easily consume calories, help you lose weight quickly.
【Healthy slimming】: Pure physical slimming, no medicine, no liposuction, help you lose weight healthily, you also have a body, a healthy body.
【Safe Step】: Professional design, do not hurt the knee, quickly lose weight.
【Twisted waist plate】: Twist the waist to the left and right, so that you can easily have a sexy waist.
List Price: $1,264.86


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