Granitestone Original 11 Nonstick Frying Pan with 5.5″ Egg Pan Omelette Pan, Nonstick Skillet Set, No-warp, Mineral-enforced, PFOA-Free, Oven Safe Dishwasher-safe Frying Pan Set Cookware As Seen On TV

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Are you tired of purchasing frying pans that stick, scratch, ding, or warp?

Introducing the all-new GraniteStone!!!
Our cookware are designed to withstand just about anything, all thanks
to the triple Granite external layer and a high-grade pressed aluminum inner component.

And of course, what good is a pan is if you cannot bake in it?
All of our pans are oven-safe for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
To help you appreciate this heat threshold, your average cake requires
a measly 300 degrees to fully cook. The GraniteStone can withstand
heat levels almost double that!

So you know you know warping (and sticking) will never be a worry!

Additional Features:
GraniteStone frying pans are PFOA-Free.
Dishwasher-safe so cleanup will never be an issue!
Fry, bake, saute, sear.

ULTRA NON-STICK and DISHWASHER-SAFE Triple high-grade mineral layers for a super non-stick cooking experience, allowing for ultimate food release, which in turn makes cleanup a breeze. Simply rinse under running water (optional), and place in the dishwasher.
SUPER DURABLE Pressed aluminum inner component resists warping due to heat and prolonged usage, making the Granitestone frying pan highly wear-resistant and thus making it the ideal, long-lasting kitchenware companion for everyday cooking!
COOL TOUCH HANDLES The handles of our GRANITESTONE cookware remain cool to the touch when used over the stovetop, eliminating risks for burns, as well as preventing discomfort due to blistering hot handles.
EGG PAN Comes with a Granite Stone 5.5” Egg Pan, the Nonstick mini skillet that is perfect for your breakfast sandwich in the morning or a fried egg for your hamburger in the evening.
OVEN SAFE PAN and NONTOXIC The 11” frying pan is ovenproof skillet that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can now sear and bake, using one cookware. The Granitestone frying pan is PFOS, PFOA-Free.



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