Get Sexy! DVD Workout with Exercise Videos & Fitness Tools | Fitness Sculpting and Cardio Body Toning Workout Kit | Workout Equipment Kit with Resistance Bands

51rUi0vvyKL. AC315s0BV Q L. AC41G+ZjnVRmL. AC, buynow3, “Transform Your Body in 12 Weeks!” The ADVANCED Get Sexy! Fitness Kit provides tools for amazing results. 3 DVDs with 11 body slimming workouts (Abs DVD in picture is actually a workout on Quick Body Sculpt) *Light AND Medium Resistance Bands *2 lb. & 3 lb. Toning Balls *Resistance Foot Strap *Measuring Tape. Follow these workouts and YOU WILL burn calories, SLIM DOWN and see AMAZING RESULTS! Purchased separately this kit would cost well over $100.00. YOURS NOW for ONLY $59.99*!!
PORTABLE & EASY TO CARRY – Replaces bulky weighted fitness, tower, & barre ballet & bionic equipment with convenient portable travel friendly carry bag.
COMPLETE BODY EXERCISE – Increase Strength, Fluidity, Mobility using just a resistance band and exercise bar. Tone Arms, Legs, abs, core & your booty.
HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE – High quality heavy duty eco-friendly latex resistant bands with up to 90 pounds of resistance bands.
2-lb & 3-lb toning balls, light & medium resistance bands, foot strap & measuring tape.
3 DVDs that include 11 individual workouts.
Transform your body in 12 weeks with celebrity fitness trainer Michael Carson.,



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