Yoga / Pilates / Yogalates

Namasnaaaaahhh we`re not doing that.

Welcome back my friends.

Today I have a full hour yoga – pilates fusion train along session for you, or short – Yogalates.

You can join in at litteraly any level. We`ll start out with some power yoga asanas, move to something morte relaxing, add some core at the end and a little breathing meditation to round it all up.

You can join me from home, or anywhere else for that matter, on my Live Streams every Monday 17:30 at the Malu Sportsclub youtube channel:


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Thx for tuning in and stay safe!

Captain Cairo

Raw Food Examined

Over the recently approximately, I have been paying attention to a whole lot of inspiring people in the raw food globe speak about different aspects of following this type of diet (whether a completely or partially raw food diet). The specialists discussed all type of elements associated with eating and also food: nourishment, feelings, social, spiritual, eco and also honest. Here are the bottom lines on which several (not all) of the audio speakers, noticeable individuals in the raw food globe agreed.

Spiritual Healing – A Way of Making the World a Better Place to Live

We live in a globe with various kinds of people, various characters, various thinking, various tribes and also an entire new different lifestyle. In every place you travel, we see people having various mindsets towards life and also towards their own self also.

Emotions and Food

Reviewing my youth, it is now entirely clear to me just how (unintentionally certainly) my family members conditioning set up solid links between food as well as emotional consuming. In the last couple of years, I have actually come to be more clear regarding these patterns, in myself, my close friends and in a number of the customers that concern see me.

Treatment for ME: Allowing in the Heavenly Energies

I locate that I am usually discussing grounding, and also the relevance of being grounded – and also talk and write fairly little regarding the significance of a connection with the paradises, the divine, God – whatever term you utilize, or whatever reverberates with you. I believe among the main reasons I discuss the earth a lot a lot more is because it is clear to me that is a lot more the energy that I have been lacking, as well as which I have most recently needed to concentrate on …

First Aid Training for New Parents

New parents have a great deal to be delighted around. However, in prep work for the coming infant, they need to also bear in mind that there are specific responsibilities that feature being a parent. Emergency treatment training will aid prepare new parents for any kind of emergency situation scenarios that may emerge.


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