Free QiGong Workshop Announcement! December 7th @ 6:30 pm EST

With COVID-19 cases surging and flu season starting, Master Faxiang Hou of the QiGong Research Society feels that the ancient knowledge of QiGong and Traditional Chinese Medicine should be shared with all people to help us navigate these difficult times.

Many of you know that Master Hou is a QiGong Healing practitioner who has inherited his family’s art and has been practicing since he was a child. He has two clinics, one in Manhattan and another in Mount Laurel New Jersey where he typically sees patients for a variety of ailments that have not responded to western medical treatment. He also teaches QiGong classes. Recently, Master Hou has taken his teaching online to connect with students during the pandemic shutdown.

As a way to reach out to more people, Master Hou is offering a free introductory webinar aimed at teaching all who are interested to protect their health, boost their immune system, and quickly recover if they get sick. This knowledge can be used to help you, your family, and your friends. QiGong, traditional dietary wisdom, and simple home remedies that can promote your health, prevent illness and speed recovery if necessary in a free webinar.

Simply register at the link below:

Diet Based On Genes: How Chromosomes Effect the Way People Should Eat

Recent researches recommend that certain way of life as well as dietary modifications can extend people’s life-spans by recognizing their chromosomes. With this technique to diet plan, the emphasis is not on the calories or food, yet instead on the extremely foundational base of what causes aging in people. By basing their consuming habits on the cellular structure of their genetic makeup, individuals may have the ability to live healthier and longer lives.

Setting Intentions in Sound Therapy

The fundamental nature of disease is not something fixed yet liquid as well as open to affect. Matter and also mind are intimately linked. Willful thoughts and sensations can play a huge component in healing health problem. To be most reliable, therefore, audio therapists must deliberately grow functioning with the power of intent.

The Five Keys To Success In Building A Sound Therapy Business

5 secrets to success with noise therapy When we set up and also run an audio treatment technique, or a wider alternative treatment practice, there are 5 secrets to success: – Establish a strong identification – Develop a favorable, encouraging state of mind – Establish clear intents – Put in area a layered system for training and also technique, rate and also solution structures, advertising and marketing, marketing as well as management.

Serrapeptase: Miracle Enzyme and Anti-Inflammatory Enhances Natural Healing

The methods which Serrapeptase works inside our bodies permit it to eat away scar tissue as well as other non-living tissues or blockages, lower swelling or swelling, and take care of pain. The capability to gnaw non-living issue is the factor it’s utilized to boost the health of the heart as well as circulatory system. Once it makes its way into the blood stream, it dissolves the plaque the clogs arteries similarly it liquifies the silk worm’s cocoon.

Changing From Desire to The Need for Pain Relief

Every person knows that you can bring a horse to water, however you can’t make him consume. So among things that occur right here is you can be found in to the program as well as I discover why you intend to do this, what you are getting of your life that you want to bring back – every one of these various things so I can learn what’s your desire level. That need degree shows me just how much you want to put into it. As I begin to establish the program a growing number of, I began understanding that, ‘Oh my benefits. Need is unsatisfactory for long-lasting outcomes.’ Which’s what began obtaining challenging because I needed to get people to, one, desire something and also then switch that desire into something much more primal. You need to be this other individual, as well as you have to secure on to the, ‘I require to be this various other individual’ since if you do not, things will certainly begin to waiver. Or it’s almost like if you desire a piece of chocolate: ‘I truly need it.’ When it happens, because you crave it, due to the fact that you desire it right this precise second.


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