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Product Description


The makers of the infamous pastel pop tube, silly string, and magnet ring fidget toys are happy to bring you the timeless infinity cube fidget pack!

Two ingenious Infinity Cubes in 1 pack!


The dynamic fidget toy duo can be used as sensory toys, anxiety relief toys, ADHD fidget toys, autism toys, or stress toys because of their simple flip and fold functionality! What’s more, the infinity cube fidget toys will both individually fit perfectly in the palm of your hand!

This multipurpose fidget toy is excellent for all all-day use!




This multipurpose fidget toy is perfect for all occasions, and it can be used at the workplace, office, school, home, or anywhere needed.

Always keep your fingers occupied and your mind 100 percent focused with our fidget cube for kids and fidget cube for adults.

Our infinity cube fidget toy is extensively tested and made with rigid ABS material, so you know this fidget toy is safe for all-day play.


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We are confident that you are going to love our new infinity cube sensory fidget toys! Seriously, let our new 2-pack fidget cube toys motivate some ear-to-ear smiles and make every moment in life more fun and unforgettable. If our Infinity Cubes for girls and boys do not live up to your expectations, we will bend backward to ensure that you are a happy customer. So go on and find your stress relief and anxiety relief with BunMo, and live life the way you are supposed to.

【Why You’ll Love Them】 These extra fun, durable, engaging, bright, calming 2 pack Infinity Cubes are the ultimate fidget toys kids and teens! This fidget cube provides hours of endless entertainment – no wonder kids love them!
【Additive and Fun Fidget Toy】 BUNMO introduces our Infinity Cubes! This fidget toy not only creates feelings of joy but also makes for a great year-round pocket-sized fidget cube for adults. Instantly put a smile on anyone’s face with these fidget toys for teens.
【Great for Anxiety & Stress】 Our 2 piece fidget cube flips and folds smoothly in the user’s hand, providing tactile stimulation that help fine motor skills and focus. This infinity cube fidget toy is perfect for banishing nervous energy, making them ideal stress relief, anxiety relief, or ADHD fidget toys.
【Break Bad Habits】 Say goodbye to out-of-control behavior and become a more confident person with our infinity cube fidget toy. A simple flip and fold fidget cube will help you avoid knuckle cracking, leg shaking, and nail-biting – perfect as fidgets and travel toys for kids and teens!
【Unmatched Quality】 BUNMO creates sensory toys that everyone can enjoy. Our 2 piece fidget cubes are rigid ABS material, so they flip and fold them without worry. You won’t find anything toxic, so you can happily add them to your collection of fidget toys. Keep hands busy, tackle anxiety, and enjoy!
List Price: $10.99


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