BodyFlex PRO Detachable Full-Body Trigger Point Massage Kit – 11 Knobs, Fascia Roller, Vibration Therapy Ball. Treat Fibromyalgia Pain, Back, Neck. Home, Office Massages Physical Therapy

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BodyFLEX PRO Handheld Trigger Point Massager Tool By Njoie – Full Body Deep Tissue Massage, Chronic Pain Relief, physical therapy equipment Massage Wand for Sports Athletes, At-Home, Workplace
11 Trigger Point Knobs – 3 additional smooth-gliding knobs with built-in metal roller, strategically placed across BodyFlex to deliver easy and precise pain relief towards most common trigger points throughout your body
Interchangeable fascia roller – for deep tissue massages across back, shoulder, thighs, hamstrings, and calves to stimulate blood circulation, increase muscle plasticity, and speed up recovery
Vibration Therapy ball – can be attached to BodyFlex hook, adding vibration therapy to trigger point massages. Charging cable is included with 2+ hour battery life
Modular and Portable – unique design allows BodyFlex to be broken apart in seconds, super compact, and travel-friendly
What’s in the Box – S-Hook handles x 2, Fascia Roller Bar, Stationary Pressure Nodes Bar, Vibrating Roller Ball, Hook Connectors x 2, USB to Mini USB Charging cable
Warranty – BodyFlex PRO comes with a 2-Year warranty from the date of purchase
List Price: $70.99


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