Acupressure Points to Shrink Bloated Stomach & Normalize Bowel Function | Dr Alan Mandell

Five Numbers for a Healthy Heart

February is an active month for hearts. In enhancement to celebrating Valentine’s Day, February is American Heart Month. This Valentine’s Day, the most effective valentine you can offer yourself is learning how to keep your heart healthy and balanced. According to the CDC, regarding 600,000 individuals pass away of heart problem in the United States each year – that’s 1 in every 4 fatalities. Fortunately is that heart problem is preventable and also controllable. Take control of your heart wellness by learning these 5 crucial numbers to stop heart problem. Understanding these numbers can actually save your life.

Taking a Statin for High Cholesterol? Beware of Nutrient Depletion

Dealing with high cholesterol with statins carries numerous risks. If you’re trying to reduced cholesterol with statins, you need to know exactly how statin medications can deplete the body of CoQ10 and various other materials that are essential to the production of mobile energy.

My Hurting Heart: 5 Common Heart Disorders

Valentine’s day can highlight a rise of clashing emotions in a person. You can either be head-over-heels crazy with your special a person or six-feet-below-the-ground clinically depressed since you’re solitary. If you feel your heart literally hurting however, that’s a various point.

Key Heart Healthy Foods in The Mediterranean Diet

What makes the Mediterranean diet regimen so healthy? Can it truly help reduce your cholesterol? Here’s some interesting info concerning just how a Mediterranean style diet can help.

Knowing The Facts About High Blood Pressure

Have you ever before wondered what takes place on every beat of our heart. With each beat, our heart pumps blood, which carries oxygen and various other nutrients to various components of the body. The pumping of the heart develops stress waves which aid in pushing blood via the arteries. Arteries are those blood vessels which bring blood away from your heart.


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