A Cucumber a Day Keeps Health Problems Away | Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants that help to protect the cells in the body from the impact of oxidative stress, a process that has been linked to several different types of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune, and cancer.
Explore the wonderful healthy benefits! Dr M

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How Stress Drives Up Cholesterol, BP and Belly Fat – What to Do About It – It’s Not Drugs

Anxiety increases cholesterol, blood press and also tummy fat. Elevated Cholesterol is a threat factor for heart condition. Decreasing your fat consumption does not assist a lot to reduce blood levels of cholesterol. This short article reveals you just how stress increases cholesterol, why this happens and also just how to bring cholesterol down naturally with out drugs.

Mitral Valve Prolapse: Get The Facts Before Treating – It Could Be Dysautonomia

Lots of people are diagnosed with mitral shutoff prolapse annually, which shows that the mitral valve does not open as well as shut correctly, and infers an architectural defect that’s creating the problem. In some instances, that is exactly what is taking place. Yet in most cases a disorder of the free nerve system (dysautonomia) creates really similar signs as well as can be dealt with (even fixed) with a different therapy procedure that doesn’t entail surgery.

Heart Health: Some Proven Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips to Boost It

Heart caring foods, supplements as well as exercise have been displayed in study to boost heart health and wellness. To boost and reinforce the heart, take an appearance at these healthy nutrients and suggestions.

What Is Ebsteins Anomaly?

Statistics show that only one in every 210,000 online births reaches experience Ebsteins anomaly. This problem has an equivalent ratio for both women and also men. It’s a problem that is hard to discover as well as its symptoms are visible at any type of age. People who experience from this condition are hard to see from the very first appearance. Extreme signs and symptoms might be seen at a very early age while minor issues might conceal the signs till the teen age. This is an extremely uncommon disease that entails the hearts ideal side. It’s a condition that may impact Caucasians as research suggests.

High on Cholesterol

Elevated cholesterol levels are seen as a risk element for cardiovascular disease as well as statins are seen as the treatment. I already understood that statins had side-effects so when I was told my cholesterol was too expensive I wanted to discover much more. It appears that cholesterol is getting a bad press and statins are not as efficient as numerous believe


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