3 Qi Gong Exercises for Anti-Aging (and the Benefits of Qi Gong for Seniors)

Discover three anti-aging Qi Gong exercises for seniors. Learn what Qi Gong is and the philosophy of Qi Gong as it relates to aging.

Qi Gong is called “The art of preventing disease and prolonging life.”

Qi means energy. It’s your life-force energy.

When Qi flows through you, the natural result is health and longevity.

Qi Gong helps you increase the flow of Qi through your body.

Qi Gong is mindfulness in motion. Think of it as a moving meditation practice. The movements are down slowly, with intention and awareness.

In this video, you’ll learn a couple of Qi Gong exercises for seniors (or anyone, really) can use to promote longevity and reverse aging.

The first is called Spinal Cord breathing.

This exercise helps your body absorb more oxygen. It clears out stiffness, tightness, and tension in the back.

The second is a movement Lee Holden learned from a woman in China who was 106 years old… and taught ten classes a week.

It’s called “Swimming Dragon.”

This exercise helps massage the muscles in your upper back and neck, clearing tension and tightness. Do this exercise for a few minutes each day to cultivate resilience in your body and mind.

The final exercise is “Pulling Down the Heavens.”

This exercise pulls in energy from the natural world around you. You’ll feel waves of relaxing energy pouring through your body, from your head all the way to your feet.

After these three exercises, you should feel a lightness. You might feel a tingling sensation in your hands and fingers.

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Anger Held Within The Body Brought Me Arthritis – My Healing Journey Part 1

This entire year’s write-ups will certainly be a series of recovery articles on my arthritic hip recovery journey and afterwards the healing after arthroscopic surgical procedure of the hip. I have actually been managing pain in my hip as a result of arthritis for the previous couple of years currently. When I had it took a look at, I was told by my orthopedic that although too young currently, I will at some point need a new hip because of degenerative joint inflammation. This much less than terrific news was so really distressing yet for me, yet it was currently time to ramp up my recovery with Reiki. Then, it was back to service customarily. So back to my workouts as there’s actually nothing to do right now however take care of the periodic arthritis pain and also proceed with Reiki to assist.

Begin With The Deepest Structures

When we are having a musculo-skeletal problem of the back, seeing the correct health and wellness treatment professional in the proper time sequence will certainly keep us from delaying recovery as well as bring alleviation of discomfort quicker. It is essential to inspect the inmost frameworks in our body initially to deal with the underlying root cause of the condition.

Re-Creation: The Key to Longevity

As youngsters, we usually approach life basic and with ease without a seeming treatment in the globe. As we get older and also our cognitive feature creates, we begin to create assumptions and also subconscious beliefs relating to life. Among these incapacitating ideas is, life is constantly hard. Work, Job, Work and if time is left, perhaps Play.

Musculoskeletal Pain Linked To Long Work Hours Can Be Helped With Chiropractic Care

Over my 35 years in chiropractic care method I have actually kept in mind that individuals work hard! Whether it be a physical construction or manufacturing facility task, working in health care as a registered nurse, hygienist, professional or wellness aide or resting long hours at a desk, these tasks can have a dangerous impact on the body. But with a little foresight and also prudence several agonizing bone and joint conditions can be prevented. Prevention is the essential!

Water – The Essential Ingredient

In today’s globe, I am surprised exactly how little water most individuals eat. Perhaps it’s since it is not as flashy as the great cans as well as bottles loaded with numerous sodas, power drinks, or also beer. I think we have developed the need for preference, despite the benefits of plain water and the terrible effect the various other drinks carry our wellness as well as long life.

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