2/5pcs Waspwaisted Wormwood/Ginger Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil, Belly Drainage Wormwood Essential Oil, Reduce Belly and Lymphedema (2pcs Wormwood essential oil)

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What Makes The Wormwood Oil Special?
– Promotes lymphatic drainage, relieves pain and swelling
– Helps accelerates the metabolism
– Reduces swollen lymph nodes, and reduces excess lymph fluid in the body.
– Improve blood circulation to reduce swelling & leg pain.
– Helps tighten, condition & lubricate the abdominal muscles.
– Soothes & relaxes your body.
– Works great for stomach, hips, upper arms & body.
– Slimmer waistline.
Name: wormwood lymphatic drainage oil
Net content:30 ml
Usage Directions:
1. Pour the oil on the target area.
2. Massage the area.
3. Use the oil 1-2 times daily for better results.
Package included:
2/5 pcs x belly drainage ginger oil

【Wormwood Lymphvity Drainage Oil】: Wormwood Oil is made by vegan herbs ingredients, traditional medicines can relieve and reduce inflammation, strain, swelling, joint pain, and help improve blood circulation around the body.
【Lymphatic Massage Oil】: You didn’t have to change your diet or your daily routine at all. Just use waspwaisted wormwood & ginger lymphvity drainage oil and the fat started melting off like butter. helps to remove excess and other unwanted substances from the body.
【Reduce Lymphedeman】: Body relief, reduces excess fluid in lymph by up to 60%, helping to tighten, tone and lubricate abdominal muscles. soothe and relax your body. improve blood circulation to reduce swelling and leg pain.
【Moisturize the Skin】: This wormwood massage essential oil can be quickly absorbed into your body, deeply moisturize, tighten, tone and reduce cellulite in the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs and buttocks.
【Relax 】: Charismalism wormwood and ginger lymphvity drainage oil relaxes your mind and body with a massage, relieves tension and stress, improves your sleep quality, and soothes and relaxes your body.,



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