12 Pack – Anti Slip Feature Chair Bands for Kids with Fidgety Feet – Fidget Bands Provide Flexible Sensory Seating for Classroom & Home – Eco-Friendly & Durable Latex Bands – ADHD Bouncy Foot Fidget

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Product Description

Keepzy Chair Bands Keepzy Chair Bands

Transform Your Chair into Flexible Seating Transform Your Chair into Flexible Seating


According to the Yerkes-Dodson Law of Psycholohy, studies show that when people engage more of their senses in experience, they remember it

better. When using a Fidget Band, the whole body becomes engaged, inviting more mental motivation for your other senses to join.


Fidget Bands are the easiest way to add flexible seating to your classroom or home. Teachers love them as a sensory seating alternative that won’t

break their budget. Parents love them as a way to keep fidgety kids seated at the dinner table! And best of all, kids love how it helps them stay on

task and engaged while sitting for hours in the classroom.

Long Lasting Resilience Long Lasting Resilience

Ultra Quiet & Discrete Ultra Quiet & Discrete

Teacher & Parents Approved Teacher & Parents Approved

Promotes Focus & Clarity Promotes Focus & Clarity

Strong, Discrete & Easy to InstalStrong, Discrete & Easy to Instal


Having kids sit down & be still for hours can make it incredibly difficult to focus, which directly impacts learning & behaviour. Fidget Bands help kids

“kick” excess energy, without impacting their ability to focus, learn and grow. The quiet and comforting energy release reduces anxiety, boredom

and hyperactivity.


These high-density, all natural, non-toxic latex bands are durable to resist tearing and slipping. Discreetly fitting onto chair legs, they provide a fun

& quiet way for kids to move around, without causing a distrubance of getting up from their seats.


(Promotes Focus & Clarity) – Effective way to transform nervous or excess energy, into mental achievement. Inspire a tired mind with a fun workout by engaging children when they are studying or eating. Perfect kit for ADD, ADHD, Autism SPD or other sensory needs. Reduces Anxiety & Stress and can be used by any age group.
(Long Lasting Resilience & Eco-friendly) – Natural latex provides a firm, yet flexible bounce that gives the right amount of resistance. Non-toxic & eco friendly with a heavy-duty durability to prevent snapping like other cheaper alternatives avaliable in the market.
(Teachers & Parents Approved) – Teachers love them as a flexible seating alternative that won’t break their budget, while parents love them as a way to keep fidgety kids seated at the dinner & study table!
(Installs In Seconds & Satisfaction Guarantee) – Chair bands are simply installed by wrapping around the legs of a chair 10” to 24” wide. Easily adapts to nearly any style of chair or desk without requiring special tools or instructions. If you are not satisfied with our chair bands for any reason please contact us we provide 100% Money Back Satisfaction.
List Price: $25.99


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